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usedsteel's Journal

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accents, adaptation, alone, altruism, andy kaufman, animals, art, beauty, being genuine, blood, books, buddhism, cameras, carrying a camera, castles, cathedrals, cats, cities, coffee beans, coffee shops, colour, compassion, complexity, concerts, contraband, counterculture, creativity, death, deepness, details, digital cameras, dogs, doodling, driving alone, dying, earth, economics, education, england, enlightenment, equilibrium, everyone, existentialism, exploring, feeling, feminism, fightclub, films, flaws, foreign films, freedom, fresh clean snow, geology, history, humour, imperfection, impulsiveness, independent films, individuality, internet, interpreting, intrepid trips, karma, knowing, knowledge, landmarks, laughing, learning, letters, life, lightning, listening, lists, literature, london, love, loyalty, mail, meaning, memories, memories and remains, movies, movies on big screen, mozaics, narratives, nature, nature photography, nihilism, observation, old photographs, old-time music, organization, originality, passion, peace, people, personal purity, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, politics, profoundity, psychology, quirky, quotations, reading, science, searching, seeing, self-awareness, silence, simplicity, smell of cigars, smiles, social sciences, spirit, stars, stream of consciousness, sweaters, t-shirts, tea, the grand tour, theories, thinking, thunderstorms, travelling, trees, truth, understanding, walks in woods, watching people, what makes you you, wisdom, words, world history, you