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Black faced men

Real Men

Blackened from the pit

Others bit on hardened cheeks by hot scarring steel

Muscled men, they may have died an early death

But with every breath and drop of sweat

They were Real Men

Not like my emasculated effort

My masculinity given away

Put to pay by technology

And the woman sat next to me

Who’s probably got a degree in metallurgy,

Or something else to that effect

Cultural transition: it's all a threat

I work in an office and a suit

I could describe the colour of soot

But not know how it feels under foot

The only boots I own I wear for fun

For some foolish fashionable pretension

Metrosexual Men

New Men

Styled and preened masses

A new definition of masculinity out of the gender clashes

I wonder if previous generations would say

Of the brethren they'd see today:

"They too are Real Men"
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Lay your head on my chest
Close your eyes
Feel the warmth in me
My heart’s beating that bit faster
Let my arms draw you in closer
Let your breathing shallow
Just follow my lead
Join the rhythm of being
Put out of your mind those other things
There’s no need for questions
There could be no answers
It’s all right here
All in the moment

There’s no word we’ve ever spoken
There’s nothing we could ever say
We wouldn’t come close enough
To this reality
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You’re not ok
But you say you’re fine
You smile to set my mind at rest
But I’m so good at the signs.
You want to make the world ok
For everyone around
Those maternal instincts kicking in
Things you can’t fix will bring you down.
All consuming thoughts
Regimentation of the day
Offers protection and stability
But it doesn’t make you ok

Be the rock, take it all
Solve their problems if you can
But you can’t, no one will
Your attempts will all fall down.

It’s not about the others
Your responsibility's to you
It’s time for you to admit
The hurt you’re going through
And it torments you every day
The way I’ve seen in myself before
When white mists began to edge
And lick at my thoughts
All consuming thoughts
Regimentation of the day
Offering protection and stability
It doesn't make us ok
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The greatest plague mankind has ever known
We embrace it
We nurture it
We espouse its virtues
We pay for it with plastic cards
And chipped up trees
And drying seas
And a smaller world
In which the void between the next man and me
Is increasingly pronounced
Our similarities ignored as collective inevitability

The only collective action of note

Take no vote on this
And stand well back
"Practice your apathy"

Forget those collective terms
And inwardly turn
And search your soul for what could make you whole
Somewhere you’ll find the meaning of it all
Then head to the supermarket and high street chain
Purchase powered, four monthly cycles
Post-fordist cultural monopoly: buy and you’re cured
Well: lured, to wonder what it’s all about
A new car or book case?
You’re a mass-produced fake,
So go on.
Define yourself Individual: Stand Out.
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The juddering nights awaken me
“Nightmares again Dear?”
Anxiety to fear
Fear of what isn’t clear
I draw you near
The issue persists
Nocturnal, episodic hauntings
I helplessly witness
Your hands and feet flail
But your face shows no distress
I draw your sleeping body close
But the issue still persists
Persists for me to witness
And it cuts at me so
Though calming with my caress
I’m forced to question your happiness
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Head down
No questions
No need for questions
Don’t question
Just Run
And Panic

Just like everyone else
That’s all this is
Each of us a member of the Stampeding Herd


Our endless race to out pace our own humanity
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“Remember your pets on bonfire night,”
Read a warning poster at the vets.
“For failure to lock them safe and tight,
May cause fright and possibly even flight, that night.”
So pets are locked away and secured,
Except for Rufus my cat, who scoffs at such a ban,
And who has always been a fan
Of glittering flashes and of distant bangs.
And who casually saunters,
Past the brightly coloured mortars,
Fired from the neighbourhood’s Bad Lands.

Well, there’s always an exception to prove the rule,
It’s not only pets for whom this night can be cruel,
So now spare a moment and have a thought for,
Those individuals who on this night, more so
Than any other are filled with dread,
Who scream and jump until they’re asleep in bed,
For whom this night is so horrendously long,
And wrong in its very nature,
It’s damning for them to watch others taking pleasure
When it’s blatantly obvious for them to see
The stark conceptual irrationality
Of selling gunpowder in toilet roll tubes,
Just to amuse the general public
On a night when mob mentality rules!!
The fools…..

Bigger bangs; a brighter burst,
That November Thirst,
For Chinese crackers and rocketry,
Make the firework phobics whimper with dug in rationally:
“Why not sell: ‘One Night Only Bullets and Guns?’
You know? Just for the fun,
And years later when it’s all a bit blasé
People may have to think of what’s next, and they’ll say:
“On this one night for us to play,
There are plenty of other types of projectile weaponry.””
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How distant that love now seems,
Put away with photos to gather dust.
How strange and unreal it all now seems,
Eight and a half years, a house, a ring,
A caricatured effigy of me for me.
How odd time can seem,
A progressive linear reasoned history.
How changed the world can be,
When those reasoned illusions of reality,
Prove themselves to be fragile ornaments,
Like blown glass baubles on the festively dead tree,
The ones the cat likes to bat that crash and smash so easily.

How unreal is reality?
When the hurting minutes become weeks and then months past.
When the streaming tears that cried rivers don’t last.
When you realise that the world’s not the same,
But the same and you’ve changed,
And the change within you came to pass,
Without a poignant moment for you to point at.

And you thought you’d never love again?
How strange is that?!
Before long you’re watching your new lovers back,
Sleeping - dreaming of countless wonders,
It’s hard to remember those other slumbers,
Witnessed for so very long,
Strong as those feelings were, they’ve gone.

How humbling existence is to me,
A thin strand between ego and humility.
How strange it all is?
This life we lead?

I’m not an expert in these things, should anyone be?
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They lay there, all legs, hands, arms and feet
Entangled like the roots of an old well formed tree
Supporting each other tenderly
Offering tactile security

Hands cupping shoulders
Feet drawing in legs
“Feel safe with me”

Words spoken through a glance
A pronounced stare
A tapping finger
“Know I care”


This space
This time
This repletion

Drowsy serenity
It’s almost scary that sleep could be so natural
Don’t question it

The continuous caress of that body being there
The rhythmic motions of existence
Susurrant demands in that silent moment

And in the darkness
Be still fears of the licentious licks of that other lover
The one that rouses from dreams
The one that demands conscious streams

Then awaken to find morning has come
Dozing and warm and welcoming the sun
Contentment touches the corners of each lover’s lips
Another conquered night given over to bliss

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He smiles uncontrollably to himself
Waking passions and thoughts rise to the fore
Memories losing their significance
Happy within himself once more

Rolled back and out of sight the timely mists
The haunting spectres of that loathsome man
Beaten back and broken with self awareness
Never to torment his soul again

Naked beauty radiates contentedness
Over all things he saw
Fraternal greetings from this lonely man
But he’s not lonely anymore

Go on
Smile sweetly as you walk along your path
The only moment you have is now
Take strength in what has come to pass
Enjoy life, you’re allowed.

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