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LTO 1 Tapes - usedsteel
LTO 1 Tapes
Well I've started working at iClick Stores which means I am busy marketing a wide selection of products. They do everything from Ink to Shredders to Data Storage - and there's loads more stuff coming on stream in the not too distant future.

At the moment I'm working on spreading the word about LTO 1 Tapes - these are data storage tape cartridges used by big and small companies to back up their data. It's a bit of an antiquated technology based on magnetic tape technology however it's due to be in active service at least until 2016 - so it's a good thing for me to market - plus there seem to be plenty of people using it.

I've also created a website called What is LTO? This is all about giving people a full resource about LTO tapes and the technology surrounding it.

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