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There are a great many different types of cleaning machines out there and it's important than when you're buying one of the very specialised cleaning machines used in the cleaning industry that a cleaning machine expect is consulted to determine that the best cleaning machine for your organisations requirements is selected. Failure to do so may end up being a costly mistake as most of the industrial cleaning machines on the market sell for multiples of hundreds of pounds.

Make sure you speak to a cleaning machine supplier or a cleaning machine consultant / expert before you purchase any cleaning machines.

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Well I've started working at iClick Stores which means I am busy marketing a wide selection of products. They do everything from Ink to Shredders to Data Storage - and there's loads more stuff coming on stream in the not too distant future.

At the moment I'm working on spreading the word about LTO 1 Tapes - these are data storage tape cartridges used by big and small companies to back up their data. It's a bit of an antiquated technology based on magnetic tape technology however it's due to be in active service at least until 2016 - so it's a good thing for me to market - plus there seem to be plenty of people using it.

I've also created a website called What is LTO? This is all about giving people a full resource about LTO tapes and the technology surrounding it.

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It's fair to say there are some fairly interesting things going on in London and I thought I'd post to my journal - which admittedly I've not done in ages - to mention a few websites:

I know that there are loads of websites out there that give you some information and what's on guide especially when it comes to London however I thought there were particularly good at going into the things taking place in London and the surrounding area.

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If you're looking for web design preston speak to 2am Media visit http://2ammedia.co.uk - Preston web design specialists.

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umi hotel is probably the funkiest of all Brighton Hotels. If you are looking for a hotel in Brighton you should definitely check out umi hotel Brighton at umihotelbrighton.co.uk

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I've just written a page and uploaded it to the umi Hotel London website - if you're looking for a cheap hotel near paddington station visit the website now!

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I've privated most of my posts - the poems etc are still there but I think that I am going to display some more of my thoughts.

Trouble is - now I'm sat on top of the world on the 28th Floor of city tower in Manchester - I have absolutely no idea what it is that I'm going to say.

It's been a while since I posted here.

I'm now working as a Marketing Account Manager at Text Internet Marketing. Don't know what else to say other than I intend to be the greatest online marketeer there is - so bring it on!!

My house is coming close to be sold now so I don't think it will be long before I start thinking about starting up on my own - within a year or two I suppose.

I am going to concentrate on becomming their first Senior Marketing Account Manager build up the wealth a litttle.

Other than that - my life is great and I'm pretty happy being the person I am - I wish that things were a little easier financially - but I suppose everyone does! I'm madly in love with the beautiful Rachel and we will get married next year.
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Dark eyes peer out, gently penetrating,
From behind pitch curtains and bronzed skin,
Pharonic lines only deepen their gaze.
I stand in wonderment
As this statuesque beauty holds out her hand, smiles, then draws me in.

Within minutes the champagne has an effect,
Like the mist of an evaporating dew,
A softer presentation:
Her eyes, her smile, the way she stands.
I swear without bias: she’s the most beautiful in the room.
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Distress and a Black Dress

Put away the pretentions of a night with the penguins.
There is nothing to fear.
You imagine black empress lines clash against the glacial white stares
Well who cares?
We are all fish out of water
Dispel your fears.
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